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jeudi 18 décembre 2014

Fierce & wild- perfection!!

Born in Japan 
But ready for hardcore clubs in Berlin or Budapest

This video is seriously buzzing right now

Aya sato voguing workshop 2014 5 4

mercredi 17 décembre 2014

The purpose of dance??

"At the heart of dance is a whispered question. Is this an art form that tells us a story – or one that simply celebrates the beauty of the human body in movement?

At its best, it does both. When the 19th-century master Marius Petipa choreographed The Sleeping Beauty he forged an enduring combination of plot and pure beauty. When Frederick Ashton imagined the glorious Symphonic Variations (revived by the Royal Ballet this year), he captured, in abstract terms, a truth about the relationship between the human and the divine"

Sarah Crompton
Read the full article here

This article raises questions to me:
isn't the question of the "purpose of dance" the same one as the "purpose of art" in general?
Or is there a specificity about dance?

What is art about?
Beauty? Engagement? Pure abstraction?

It's probably high time I start thinking about this kind of things
Or maybe not.

lundi 15 décembre 2014

This is seriously re-inventing sexXxy


From Youtube
"Forget what you know about disability. 

Channel 4 introduces Viktoria Modesta, the world’s first amputee pop artist. Make sure you stick around for the amazing spike dance at the end.

Created by 4creative, directed by Saam Farahmand."

Speaking to Dazed, the 26-year-old artist said: “I’ve chosen my own fucking way to do things, unapologetically, and I'm hoping people will react the same way. You don’t have to constantly run on this treadmill. You can think outside the box, move country, marry a person you never thought you would, change jobs. Do something your gut is telling you to do. The closer you can live your life to a movie script the more exciting it is.

Christmas dances 2014 Post 1

As usual, 
Christmas period is a time when cute dance videos flows the Internet
Like Nutcrackers on stages worldwide
This year is no exception

I'm amazed to discover 
Gwendoline Christie dancing for Love's advent calendar 

If you don't know who this person is,  
check before watching her character in Games of Thrones 
(here for example)
I guarantee you will enjoy the video below even more!!
Day 14 - Gwendoline Christie by Ruth Hogben (LOVE Advent (2014)

dimanche 14 décembre 2014

Winter is just Black Spring?

In the middle of the Winter Season,
let's enjoy 

The Black Spring
a dance video by Esteban
With dancer Jackson Carroll

From Nowness:
"The Black Spring
Max Richter invokes Vivaldi for a neo-noir portrait of German ballet

“I always thought it would be nice to do a ballet film which is not a typical, beautiful Swan Lake-style production,” says the Copenhagen-based photographer Esteban on his foray into film. Set in an old fabric hall in Dusseldorf,La Primavera Negra (Spanish for ‘The Black Spring’) is an unbridled portrait of one of the German ballet's brightest talents, 22-year-old danseur Jackson Carroll. Draped in Yohji Yamamoto and Dries Van Noten, in one swooping single-camera shot Carroll moves fluidly to a contemporary take on Vivaldi’s “Summer” by German avant-garde composer Max Richter. “I told Jackson, no matter if you need a break, or change the moves or the speed, we are just the observers of your personal four minutes.”"

samedi 13 décembre 2014

Health, stress and injuries

I recently found this video on the Internet about
and I think it's quiet interesting!!

(I did the transcriptions myself sooo sorry for the mistakes)

"I did research and I did it on dancers across the United States, in China, in Russia (...). You know what I found? It was the same, it didn't matter what culture you lived in, it's about the same problem coming up. That's ballet, it's own little world"

"One of the biggest thing is overwork. We have that mentality of doing more and pushing ourselves"

"What is the most boring thing you can possibly do and will give you the most benefits? Sleep and food."

"Maybe you'll go through the whole week so structured without eating. And then the week end happens and... you can't stop. You don't want to develop that problem: it makes people very miserable"

"Stress (...) is related to injuries"

From Youtube:
"Dr. Linda Hamilton helps dancers reach their potential by managing the mental and physical stresses in this profession. Many thanks to the En Avant Foundation for the invitation to speak at their inaugural meeting in NYC."
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