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mercredi 26 novembre 2014

The best of all dancing mayors (so far) ... and he is french!!


The quiet town of Rochefort (France) has a breakdancer as a mayor

And, so far, he is the best dancing mayor I've seen

Beating easily Toronto's mayor
Just check the video below:

From Youtube (in French):
"QUAND AZIZ et TONY M donnent un Cour de Danse AU MAIRE de ROCHEFORT . A VOIR en HD DU LOURDDDDD :))))))))"

The video takes part of a project aiming at changing Rochefort's image and presenting it from a new and more appealing angle
More information here

Great job!

mardi 25 novembre 2014

Single ladies

Just found that and I think U might enjoy it!!


...Beauty for a Better World
It's my project
It's my belief
The kind of thing I wanna do
The kind of thing that sanely moves me
The kind of things that will gather people 
And, in the long run, make the right changes
yeeep... because beauty can be nutured by bad things...
But haven't U noticed?! 
This insane feeling inside, 
The knowledge that, in the end, while killing others, you'll kill yourself too

That's one of the reason why I looove soo much this video
Pure aesthetic emotion
Sublime dance

From the official website of The Glance Porject 2014
"Cyril Choukroun, Hugo Vigliotti and Matthieu Botto, three dancers from The Paris Opera Ballet came for a short visit in Tel Aviv, July 2014.

Embracing the free spirit of Tel Aviv, they decided to explore the place through their natural expression habit, Dance.

They perform a playful improvisation to the dreamy electronic sound created by their childhood friend, Jonathan Amic, music producer, living between Marseille and Tel Aviv.

Sharing the passion for Art and Innovation, they quickly form their idea with the help of their Israeli friends Adi Koish & Gordon Ghenassia (producing), Guy Gosha (directing and Filming) and Tamara Mamon (editing).

The result, a poetic dance video offering a fresh view of the Habima Square, the known cultural area of the white city."

"The people have the power
All we have to do is awakening the power in the people"

samedi 22 novembre 2014

My favorite "Tous les mêmes" dance covers

Tous les mêmes?
All the same?
Stromae seems very different to me...
At least, his music is triggering some unusual choreographies from dancers all over the world
Take a look right below

  • Inspired by the original choreography's "R U talking to me?!" style, mixing locking, house and krump steps, moving lightly, delightfully fluent, the result is f**king great
choreography by Gerasimova Nelli
  • Couple dance that is not kitsch, common or boring? Right here: 
Created & Choreographed by: Sonny Fredie Pedersen
Partnered by: Nika Kljun
  • Cute version with a good job on synchronisation: 
Dance Crew "D'ScrewS".Tomsk/2014
  • Some seriously good moves, even if it look a little bit "stiff" to me at some points (go deeper in ur pliés, guy): 
hip-hop by Tolik Sachivko - MILKSHAKE by Open Art Studio

That's it!!
And you know what
"Rendez-vous, rendez-vous, rendez-vous"...
Later or tomorrow

jeudi 20 novembre 2014

Feminine, light and precious: two jewel dance videos...

....from two different dance style but you really NEED to watch at both

  • First, the last short film from ballet Zaida is an exquisite and delightful 4-minutes choreography
Ballet Zaida Revel
Choreography by - Bryn Gilbert. 
Performed by - Affinity Jeanette Kakareka. / Artist of the English National Ballet
 Lonnie Weeks. 
Music by - Jordan Moser.
  • Second, a older but now buzzing video presenting the art of pole dance. Not a signle drop of vulgarity here, pure art and performance
Karo Swen - Pole Dance - Artwork 1 Tha Trickaz

About grace

Wendy Whelan for Glass Magazine
... well apparently... because
I'm sorry I couldn't find a trusted source, except from all that Tumblr and instagram boards
But you can read an article of Baryshnikov praising Wendy's grace in US Vanity Fair right here
She's retiring this mont, you all

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