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mardi 3 mars 2015

Never naked again

Britney Spears in Toxic

Saturday night, I was at a Frozen party dressed up as 
a destroy snow queen
** spoiled snow
melted with oil, trashes, dying species**

I had a disguise composed of a black tutu, very very hight heels, sequin top, black pearls and dentelles everychere and a black-net veil

My disguise was lighter than the others'
Someone qualified me as "barely naked"

The truth is the more I dance the less reserved I am with my own body
And that's because 
even when I don't wear any clothes 
I don't feel naked
I'm always carying all the work I do with my body
It's always here with me
I will never naked again

Parisian chic- POB ballerina version

New advertising video from Repetto
with Dorothée Gilbert
and Allister Madin
Studio: Elephant Paname (beautiful but expensive)

lundi 2 mars 2015

Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

I'm my own genie in the bottle

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
Francis of Assisi

jeudi 26 février 2015

To all my dance clothes

Dear Dance clothes,
I love U very much
But I don't work THAT hard 
to have my lines spoiled 
by a cheap fabric falling ugracefully

So beware:
all fabric not knowing how to fall
is exclude from my dance bag
from now on
(Don't cry, your destiny and happiness is surely somewhere else)

mercredi 25 février 2015

The Source of Billie Jean

Remember Bob Fosse ?

Well he was clearly a HUGE inspiration for Mickael Jackson's Billie Jean 1982 choreography
Right with the videos below

Bob Fosse's 1974 snake choreography for the film adaptation of "Le Petit Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

And now:

Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" 30th Anniversary Madison Square Garden NY

And this wonderful comparative video:
Bob Fosse Michael Jackson Pas de Deux

Obvious, right?

mardi 24 février 2015

Why I dance- Part 4/1000000000000

Listenning to others, I will probably find my own answer one day

Dancers: Ira Ai, Sascha Alexander, Bronwyn Beck, Quaintrelle DeGrange, Heather Farah, Nikia, Gupta, Katie Johnson, Kristi Johnson, Amy Main, Lauren Manzano, Jameelah Nuriddin, Rima Parikh, Jennifer Strand, Paige Snyder, Melanie Zoey Weinstein, Dwana White
Directed by Melanie Zoey Weinstein
Orchestration by Ben Stanton
Vocals by Allie Feder

The video below is an answer that makes me think 
(and only makes me think, not judge):

And I'm not the only one
Check this article

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