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samedi 22 novembre 2014

My favorite "Tous les mêmes" dance covers

Tous les mêmes?
All the same?
Stromae seems very different to me...
At least, his music is triggering some unusual choreographies from dancers all over the world
Take a look right below

  • Inspired by the original choreography's "R U talking to me?!" style, mixing locking, house and krump steps, moving lightly, delightfully fluent, the result is f**king great
choreography by Gerasimova Nelli
  • Couple dance that is not kitsch, common or boring? Right here: 
Created & Choreographed by: Sonny Fredie Pedersen
Partnered by: Nika Kljun
  • Cute version with a good job on synchronisation: 
Dance Crew "D'ScrewS".Tomsk/2014
  • Some seriously good moves, even if it look a little bit "stiff" to me at some points (go deeper in ur pliés, guy): 
hip-hop by Tolik Sachivko - MILKSHAKE by Open Art Studio

That's it!!
And you know what
"Rendez-vous, rendez-vous, rendez-vous"...
Later or tomorrow

jeudi 20 novembre 2014

Feminine, light and precious: two jewel dance videos...

....from two different dance style but you really NEED to watch at both

  • First, the last short film from ballet Zaida is an exquisite and delightful 4-minutes choreography
Ballet Zaida Revel
Choreography by - Bryn Gilbert. 
Performed by - Affinity Jeanette Kakareka. / Artist of the English National Ballet
 Lonnie Weeks. 
Music by - Jordan Moser.
  • Second, a older but now buzzing video presenting the art of pole dance. Not a signle drop of vulgarity here, pure art and performance
Karo Swen - Pole Dance - Artwork 1 Tha Trickaz

About grace

Wendy Whelan for Glass Magazine
... well apparently... because
I'm sorry I couldn't find a trusted source, except from all that Tumblr and instagram boards
But you can read an article of Baryshnikov praising Wendy's grace in US Vanity Fair right here
She's retiring this mont, you all

mercredi 19 novembre 2014

So funky good :-))

When I hear the music
I can't help smiling
When I see them dancing
I can't help screaming!!
 Shamelessly yours,

"Don't believe and just watch"...right down here

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

lundi 17 novembre 2014

Ballerinas casually take over NYC streets

A full interview about the video clip here

"Shapeshifting" from the album It Could Only Be This Way by COLOR WAR, 

Cassiel Eatock (How beautiful is this girl!), Isabel Ball and Elizabeth Van Genderen

Nijinsky borderline

Nijinsky's Faun Costume in 'L'Apres Midi d'un Faune' by Claude Debussy from the front cover of the programme for the 7th season of the 'Ballets Russes'
Drawing: Leon Bask, 1912

Here is a reading report I've been wanting to make for a few weeks now:
Nijinsky's diary

When I started reading it, I was expecting to read 
a book of an artist fully absorbated by his art 
-aaaahhhh, the joy of beautiful sentences about art, passion, creation, expression, fight and amazement-
or the book of an important creator mainly preoccupied by its fame
-snobish and yet successfull...reality sucks sometimes-
Little did I expectated what I read:
the book of a man dealing with many difficulties with himself,
Madness obviously lurking.
Childish and sometimes incoherent,
the gap between his dance work and this poor book is striking!
It's not the diary of a dancer nor the one of an artist
Nijinsky's artistic pik happened very early in his life: 
"In 1909 (age 20) he joined the Ballets Russes, a new ballet company started by Sergei Diaghilev which planned to show Russian ballets in Paris, where productions of the quality staged by the Imperial ballet simply did not exist. Nijinsky became the company's star male dancer, causing an enormous stir amongst audiences whenever he performed, although in ordinary life he appeared unremarkable and even boring to meet. Diaghilev and Nijinsky became lovers, and although Nijinsky had unparalleled ability, it was the publicity and opportunity provided by Diaghilev's company which made him internationally famous. In 1912 Nijinsky began choreographing his own ballets, including L'après-midi d'un faune (1912), Jeux (1913), and Till Eulenspiegel (1916). At the premier of Le Sacre du Printemps (1913) fights broke out in the audience between those who loved and hated a totally new style of ballet. Faune frequently caused controversy because of its sexually suggestive final scene." Source
This book was written later, in a six-week burst on the eve of its author's confinement to an asylum (source)

Rudolph Nureyev : 'L'apres-midi d'un Faune'

dimanche 16 novembre 2014

Calming a newborn

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