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vendredi 28 août 2015

Fitness club feed-back

After two weeks of sweating my ass off in a fitness club,
my conclusions are:

  1. Nothing makes me work as hard as a good ballet class. Because, in ballet class, when I'm thinking "I can't I'm gonna die", the music, the pleasure, this amazing feeling I get hen I dance keep me going further and further. While thinking the same thing in a fitness club, nothing pulls me higher, I'm just alone trying to fight these "I'm gonna die" thoughts and it's not working that well...
  2. Yet I'm very proud of being able to train ALONE for 3 hours, I perfectly know what to do and, even if it's not as good as a good ballet class, it's something and it definitively keeps me trained. As a fitness club is easy to find, every where in the world, I feek like I can now go on a long long trip every where in the world and keep being in shape and trained- in short, able to dance beautifully. And I'm defibitively gonna use that!!
  3. I learned a few very good tips for my daily musculation routine and I trained my cardio for the first time which I should keep doing again and again
Question: Should I keep a ftness club inscription all year long?

mercredi 26 août 2015

Rebel Heart Tour - Dance Focus (to be updated soon)

It's a secret for no one:
Madonna is preparing her new world Tour

And, as usual, it's a promise of seeing among the best dancers on stage
Remember when her staff was auditionning in France? XX
We all know she LOOOVES french dancers!

So....who R the Choosen Ones?
what dance "whaouww" feelings can we expect?

  • The Choosen Ones: La crème de la crème; Beyoncé might have Les Twins but Madonna has...everyone else!!

This image only (shared on Lil Buck's Instagram) features choreographer Megan Guwre and part of Madonna’s dancers crew which includes
The 2 official teasers for the tour offer us sneak peaks inside the rehearsals
  • Expecting the "Whaouuuwwh" feeling: the edgiest choreographers
The show's director is Jamie King and lead choreographer is Megan Lawson
But the show also features choreographers such as Jillian Meyers, Matt Cady, Kevin Maher and... Madonna herself!

Given the composure of the dance crew (only world  dance stars with strong style)
I'm very curious of earing more about the creative process!!

"I never really had goals or plans that were set in stone. I just knew I wanted to dance and create for living. I tried lots of different things—from taking a wide variety of classes to assisting choreographers to picking up small gigs here and there. What really paid off the most, though, was grabbing some friends and making a few little videos of my own. Those experiences were more satisfying than working as a backup dancer—and Madonna ended up hiring me after seeing some of the clips! "
Megan Lawson in Dance Spirit

mardi 25 août 2015

NYCB 2015-2016 season

Jamie Lea Reardin @2015

I looove this video promo for NYCB 2015-2016 season

Instagram and Ballet dancers

Check this nice New York Times article XX
 about ballet dancers' favorite social network!!

My personnal favorites?

I like following the Instagram of dancers I find insteresting like Juliet Doherty or Michaela DePrince.

But some dancers have Instagrams that just go beyond their ballerina career and that's the ones I like watching most!!

  1. (far above the others): Maria Kotchetkova's
  2. (getting better and better): Mathilde Froustey's
  3. (ballerina dream): Maru Helen Bowers

samedi 22 août 2015

POB without a mask

I've just discovered this video on the Internet
Best backstage video ever!!
True insider=true spirit

(this makes me love POB dancers again!!)

vendredi 21 août 2015

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